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BRONCO BILLY of steak hamburg
herbs and spicesherbs and spicesherbs and spicesherbs and spices

Towards feast restaurant

Because the etymology of the word "feast" runs around to treat words, guest meaning "running around" "thing engaged earnestly" in and scraped up delicious thing, it is said that we threw on current meaning. We go to visit among Japan and the world, and we look for the best taste to always offer really valuable feast to customer.

Production, the distribution system to always send virginity to

Our company performs production such as cut of steak which is anchor product, mince, sauce or dressing of hamburg in the company factory. By managing, it always becomes possible to pursue high quality and speed production in-house. As for steak and the hamburg, tilde delivers machined thing to store in factory on the day. We deliver vegetables to use for salad bar from market to store every day and spread the distribution system providing product with high freshness by customer.

herbs and spicesherbs and spices

For you and your important person

Meal and health, relief and security of meal are important themes of BRONCO BILLY as well as pursuit of taste. By adding seasonal fresh ingredients with high nutritive value to menu every season in salad bar, think that we want to do healthy everyday help. Production center of ingredients is updated every day and displays at store. In addition, for customer having allergy, we disclose small allergy information.

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