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BRONCO BILLY stamp card

Stamp cardStamp card

This service is stamp card service of steakhouse BRONCO BILLY formula.
We are given stamp on the smartphone application "stamps" by visit to BRONCO BILLY,
It is service that advantageous privilege can get by the number of stamps more and more.
Besides, advantageous coupon including coupon, special coupon of period limitation and local limitation is available on birthday.

Registration method of stamps

  1. STEP 1
    "Stamps" are downloaded by application store

    We search "stamps" in application store and install application downloading &.

    ※As for this service, smartphone becomes limited to iPhone/Android.
    (more than recommended OS version iOS7.0 more than /Android4.1)

    "Stamps" are downloaded by application store
  2. STEP 2
    We start application and acquire user's registration and card!

    We start application, and "the first one taps this". We register after application explanation in facebook or email.

    ※We are necessary for data transfer in case of model change.

    We present the first privilege now!
    When we register stamps and acquire BRONCO BILLY stamp card from lower banner now
    First stamp and drink station free of charge coupon
    only application launch and user registetison!

How to save stamps

  1. STEP1

    Terminal where "stamps" application enters
    We have and come to the store in BRONCO BILLY

    How to save stamps
  2. STEP2

    We start "stamps" at the time of visit at store
    We do "QR reading"

    How to save stamps
  3. STEP3

    To stamp card in "stamps"
    Stamps collect!

    How to save stamps

Privilege every rank up of card and each card

Application is given coupon which is usable from the day whenever we save three stamps of each card.

Privilege every rank up of card and each cardPrivilege every rank up of card and each card

Coupon which collected,
You can use by one meal in a mass!

As well as stamp card
Advantageous information!

In addition, birthday coupon, limitation and area-limited especially coupon during period,
We get the latest information of seasonal salad bar!

Information that is advantageous as well as stamp card!

How to use coupon

※Timing of the use varies according to kinds of coupon. In the case of cash voucher, drink station free of charge coupons become the presentation at the time of payment at the time of order at cash register.

  1. STEP1

    We start "stamps" and open "my card" of the lower right

    How to use coupon
  2. STEP2

    We choose one coupon forming a line under the stamp card and tap "we use coupon"

    How to use coupon
  3. STEP3

    Of the right tap "confirmation in the details" ※Please do not tap "digestion with coupon".

    How to use coupon
  4. STEP4

    We show employee coupon screen and tap "we use"

    How to use coupon
  5. STEP5

    We tap "digestion with coupon" with the last confirmation screen

    How to use coupon
  6. STEP6

    Plural coupons in the case of the use,
    I would like the same procedure for use several minutes.

    How to use coupon

Terms of Use

  • One seals stamp card about 1 visit.
  • We can use together with other cards, coupons.
  • This coupon may not be available on some plans, service menus.
  • Privilege becomes application only for the person of member except a part.
  • Privilege is limited to customer who ate. (only dessert, snacks are excluded)
  • We cannot reissue coupon.
  • When target product is out of stock, we cope with other products.
  • Privilege contents may be switched to cancellation without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We may send news by notice of push and E-mail.
  • It should be principle, the use at 1 terminal per person. When plural terminals are used, I may decline the use.
  • The first privilege should be one grant in 1 terminal.
  • When we find unjust act, stamp, coupon may lapse all.
  • We cannot guarantee about stamp, coupon when service was finished.


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