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About menu

  • Is there lunch menu?

    We carry out advantageous lunch menu in all the stores. We carry out from opening to 16:00 on both Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and weekdays (excluded on ※ holiday for from Monday to Friday).
    ※For the year-end and New Year holidays, we may stop at some stores only for tray period.


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  • Is production center of vegetables of salad bar released?

    We post at store every area to have possibilities to vary in production center.

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  • We want to know whether beef uses thing of what country

    And, as for steak, hamburg using in BRONCO BILLY, the beef which, in addition, we use, product in the United States, Australia product are from New Zealand.

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  • Is allergic indication released?

    We release list of allergic materials to many customers on HP from thought that we will enjoy meal in peace.

    As you offer in store, please speak to employee.
    ※With changing raw materials, contents may be changed. Each use, please confirm the latest thing.

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  • Does beef 100% hamburg mean that there is no filler?

    Meat to use means 100% of beef not beef and pork ground. We use egg, bread crumbs, wheat flour as pinch-hitter.

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  • Is order in salad bar one piece of article possible?

    Only for time of "weekdays lunches" from weekday opening to 16:00, you can order one piece of article salad bar.

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About service

  • Is reservation possible?

    As a general rule, we did not hear reservation. (some stores introducing reservation system E park into are possible.)
    ※There is store which can accept reservation depending on day, time. On the reservation date and time, please refer to store or each store for consultation such as the number of people, budget over telephone directly.

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  • Is credit card usable?

    MUFG card, DC card, UFJ card, VISA card, Master Card, Nikos card are available.

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  • Is gift card Jeff gourmet card usable?

    I'm sorry, but it is not available. Only BRONCO BILLY gift certificate which we issue is available.

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  • Can you use electronic money in shop?

    I'm sorry, but it is not available.

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  • Is there service on birthday?

    We have you enroll in advantageous smartphone application "stamps" and offer service on birthday when we will acquire BRONCO BILLY stamp card.


    We offer service on birthday if you can enroll in kids club about child to primary schoolchild.

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